Five Peas in a Pod           505 Eglinton Ave W #200, Toronto, Ontario

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Five Peas in a Pod offers licensed child care and parties

Hello, I am Ingrid Petosa, proud owner and operator of Five Peas in a Pod. We have been here in Forest Hill for the past eight years. I have been teaching in the field of Early Childhood Education for thirty years. I have my Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto, My ECE from Sheridan College, my ECE admin from Centennial College and my diploma in Montessori from the North America Montessori Training Centre. Despite my many years of education, I constantly challenge myself to find new and innovative ways to teach and inspire children to learn. Unlike many child care centres, I do it all: program, manage staff, hunt and gather snacks and centre necesities, all of the book keeping and finacials. I also do everything for the parties as well, including making the loot bags in "my spare time". I honestly think that the challenge of balancing so many things makes me stronger. My husband, Jim, and my dogs Zino, Pepper and my angel Tessa, give me love and unconditional support that I could not do without. It also helps to have such a professional and committed staff. I would love for you to come by and see our centre . Over the years, Five Peas in a Pod has become known as one of Toronto's best kept secrets.... I invite you to come by and see what the excitement is all about!

Five Peas in a Pod    Ingrid Petsoa


505 Eglinton Avenue west, suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M5N 1B1


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