Five Peas in a Pod
Child Care 
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Our toddler room is for 8 children ages 18 months to 30 months. Two staff work along together with the children to promote independence and build self-esteem

The toddlers enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences aimed at feeding their natural curiosity and fostering a strong sense of self. Sensory, creative, cognitive, fine and gross motor, language and mathematics are promoted in a hands on learning approach. $1425 monthly

Helping Children

We work co-cooperatively with parents to assist children through the process of toilet training and independent development in areas such as feeding and dressing.

Flexible Program

We plan and program with the children's developmental abilities in mind, and are quick to change to suit their needs and interests

Preschool Program: ages 30 months to 5 years

Our licensed preschool program is for 12 children. With a ratio of 1 teacher for 8 children, our staff plan and program an exciting, engaging program that feeds the children's natural curiosity to learn and grow. Jolly phonics, hands on manipulatives, creative, sensory, fine and gross motor activities are all offered to the children. There is a balance of structure and free-play for the children, preparing them for school. The staff prepare work to practice at home, allowing children to see that parents and teachers work together in partnership to enhance the children's learning. Bi-weekly yoga classes are offered for the children. $1350 monthly

Please call or email Ingrid at or          416 827 7759 cell with all inquiries regarding programs at Five Peas in a Pod Child Care

We are located at 505 Eglinton Avenue West, suite 200,

Toronto, Ontario M5N 1B1